Alhamdulillah, we appreciate all the hard work put in by the Muslim teachers who put in time and effort with our children.  

However, there are certain weaknesses in the current Islamic supplementary school (“madrassah”) system.

We have noted that many madrassahs have tried to import teaching methodologies from Muslim-majority countries, most often from the Indian sub-continent. These  methodologies emphasise rote learning and verbalisation of written texts.   There is relatively much less emphasis on understanding Islam as a living deen, on the transmission of values, and understanding Arabic as the language of the Quran and Islamic scholarship. 

Although there may be good intentions behind these efforts to teach in madrassahs, it is clear that the current madrassah system could be fitter for purpose. There is little awareness of how to adapt the learning to the UK environment.  Furthermore, there is little engagement with theories of education that Muslim children are being taught through in schooling.  Finally, there is the issue of adequate support and development of Madrassah teachers who are given the responsibility of instructing our children.

The New Madrassah Forum was set up by a group of concerned parents who appreciate the hard work of teachers  who are involved in the madrassahs, but concurrently aspire to make madrassahs more suitable environments for children to be taught at. 
We are focussing on 3 main aspects of madrassahs:
-Curriculum development and learning and teaching strategies in Arabic, “Islamic studies” and “Islamic values and beliefs”
-Development of madrassah teachers
-Methodologies to imbibe the correct Islam personality